Kimbo International Holding Limited


Kimbo International Holding Limited is a leading creator, developer, and integrator of chemical formulations, solutions, engineerings and sales distributions. Our sales headquartered is based in Hong Kong and manufacturing cooperated facilities in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.

The enterprises within such business divisions are autonomous operating units within the same group of Reewood (International) Limited. However, they mutually benefit from the know-how of the other Group companies. Kimbo International Holding Limited defined goal is to independently position each Group company from a financial as well as organizational point of view.


Welcome to Kimbo

Key factors of success:





The Corporate Enterprise is active in two main streams of product series:

Kimbo sealant and adhesive: A joint cooperation of our european suppliers to provide the highest quality and speical functions of sealant and adhesive.  All products are import from Europe!

Vitroguard Medi: launched in April 2015. A totally new type of disinfectant in Hong-Kong. This disinfectant is specially formulated to be used for cleaning and disinfecting equipments and tools used in baby spas or public areas such as hotels, restaurants, airports, and metro.

With increasing spread of microbes in hospitals, elderly houses, airports and many other public places, we have developed a number of disinfectant that are actively destroying microbes to preserve patients but also healthy people from getting infected.

Today, our coatings are mainly to be applied on walls, very easily like any good quality wall paint. The special process to incorporate the antibacterial additives into the paints guarantees the functionality of the coating throughout its entire lifetime.

Surfaces with Vitroguard Antibacterial disinfectant will prevent the growth of some of the most dangerous bacterias and viruses up to 7 days. These are additional measures that will significantly help for a safer environment.

Why Kimbo?

The company Kimbo uses our own corporate and longstanding product brands in the relevant markets. At the same time, they benefit from synergies with the Group in the area of procurement, development and logistics as well as distribution. They concentrate on attractive niche markets offering good growth opportunities.